Eco-Tourism in Cambodia

With the construction of the brand-new road from the Thai border at Koh Kong-Hat Lek (near Trat), the Cardamom Mountains, one of the last areas of forest wilderness in mainland Southeast Asia, is set to become the scene for eco-tours, with Koh Kong as its base. This is something that will have to be managed very carefully, if it is to do more good than harm. Hoteliers have also begun to adapt to the ecofriendly trend, opening ecoretreats and a few carbon-neutral options.

In Ratanakiri and Mondulkiri, there are more and more opportunities to enjoy one of Cambodia’s most remote areas. The heavy jungle is home to 12 different Khmer Loeu ethnic minority groups. On the way, you can stop in Kratie and go dolphin spotting on the Mekong. The rare freshwater Irrawaddy dolphins break the surface every now and then, but they remain powerfully shy.


Kratie Province, located on the east bank of the Mekong River, is one of the four provinces in northeastern Cambodia and although it is relatively remote and not heavily touristed it attracts a fair share of visitors, many of whom wish to catch a glimpse of the last few Irrawaddy Dolphins left in the world.  The recommended place to see them is Kampi Village, about 15 kilometers from town. Irrawaddy Dolphins are an endangered species and are extremely rare; it is estimated there are only about 60 living in this stretch of the river.

The town of Kratie offers an authentic rural ambiance, and therefore serves as the perfect place to spend a peaceful night or two. It is a nice relief from some of the country’s more trafficked areas. There’s no large scale tourism, but plenty of backpackers pass through here during the high season. The town has developed to meet this demand, and now provides good budget accommodation.


Phnom Sambok Resort

Is the natural and historical resort, locates at Thmor Kre Commune, Kratie District in 9 km from the provincial town by the National Road No 7, then turning more 500 Meters to the mountain. Phnom Sam Bok is the cultural and main tourist resort of Kratie province. The resort has good location and assured safety for tourists to visit.

Phom Sambor Kaley

The Phnom Sambor Kaley, Kratie is one of the top tourist attractions in Kratie. The Phnom Sambor Kaley, Kratie is a huge draw for the international travelers. The Phnom Sambor Kaley in Kratie is a renowned historical site of Cambodia housing many famous buildings. the historical buildings lodged inside the premises of Phnom Sambor.

Wat Sar Sar Muoy Roi

Wat Sorsor Muoy Roi (Pagoda with 100 columns) is located at Sam Bor District in 36-Km distance, North of the province town by the National Road No 7. The special features of Sar Sar-100 pagoda are: The 100-column pagoda was built on the place where the Royal Palace temple of Sam Phu Borak Capital of the Chen La time located.

Chruoy Rey Resort

The Chruoy Rey in Kratie is a famous historical site of Kratie. The Chruoy Rey in Kratie is one of the most visited tourist attractions of the tinsel town of Kratie. The popular tourist landmark of the Chruoy Rey in Kratie is entirely steeped in history.

Irrawaddy Dolphin Watching

The best spot to watch the dolphin is kampi village, 15km north from Kratie is a very popular activity, but a growing number of tourists are skipping it, because of the increasing cost. As there are less than about 80 dolphins left, you may only see them from a distance, though there are sometimes large groups of them frolicking. The best time for viewing is late afternoon, rainfall.

Kampi Resort

Kampi Resort is the great natural resort providing shelter to Dolphins. When we travel along the National Road No.7 to the North about 15 Kilometers from the provincial town, we will arrive at a bridge of Prek Kampi where we have seen a very novel view of the Mekong River consisting of thousands of islands full of green water plants.

Champey Waterfalls

Waterfall Of Cham Pey is the natural resort locating at 35-kilometer distance from the provincial town along the road No 68. The resort consists of waterfall at the mountain valley, big rock having 500-square meter size, mountain full of trees and a lot of orchids and other colorful varied flowers.



Basket weaver villages

There are three basket weaver villages near Kratie. The biggest is the Cham village Chheu Teil Ploch with 4,000 villagers. Located 15km south of Kratie town.


Stung Treng is a beautiful province located on a high sandy bank overlooking the Mekong River. It is about 455 km from Phnom Penh and some 40 km to the Laos border. This charming city is linked to Banlung (Rattanak Kiri) and is more than just a ‘stopover’. The Sekong Bridge, itself an attraction, serves as a convenient passage to the border of Laos.

There are several noteworthy attractions in the province of Stung Treng. The incredible Sopheakmith Waterfall never ceases to mesmerise visitors, and neither does the stretch of the mighty Mekong, which is home to the incredibly rare Irrawaddy dolphins.

The Thala Barivat is only 4 kilometers from the provincial town. This is accessible by crossing the Se Kong River. Thala Barivat is the historical site where the Preah Ko, a 7th century brick temple of King Jayavarman I is located. Preah Ko is consists of six brick towers arranged in two rows of three towers each perched on a sandstone platform. This is one of the earliest temples built during the Angkor era.

Here in the vicinity are a few other small ancient temples; the Prambuon Lveng Temple, Srei Temple and the Angkor Kmao Temple. The Hang Kho Ba Pagoda, a 300 year old temple in the Hang Kho Ba Village, is also only about 6 Kilometers from the provincial town and worth the while to pay a visit.

Stung Treng province is also famous for sweet tamarind Pa Si Yi fish, a local delicacy enjoyed by many tourists.


Mekong River Trip to Laos

The Mekong River between Stung Treng and the Laos border is very light on population and heavy on beautiful scenery. Boulder outcroppings, numerous sets of rapids, swirling pothole currents, wide sweeping stretches of river and forested landscape along the banks all await the boat traveler.

Fresh Water Dolphin

Nowadays the dolphins live mainly in the rivers and waterways of Kratie and Stung Treng provinces. The number of these mammals is estimated to be between 40 and 60 and they are often seen travelling in small groups of 6 to 10 individuals.


Hang Kho Ba Pagoda

Hang Kho Ba Pagoda is the cultural and historical site, located at Hang Kho Ba Village, Hang Kho Commune, Steung Treng District in Six-Kilometer distance from the provincial town by the road to the airport, then turning left across the river of Se Kong.

Kantuy Ko

Kantuy Ko, Stung Treng is a place that works as a sanctuary to plants and animal here. If you want to take the pleasure of fresh air and greenery then this is the place to visit. In fact that is the reason why travelers love to come here year after year. In fact it is one of the most visited sightseeing spots in Stung Treng. Kantuy Ko, Stung Treng is quite near to the Samki Village.

Koh Ksach Resort

Koh Ksach Resort is located along the river of Se Kong in 5 kilometer distance from the provincial town. The site features a beautiful sandy beach, 2 kilometers long and one-half kilometer wide, where visitor can swim or relax. A natural site, it can be visited only during the dry season and especially popular during Khmer New Year. Koh Ksach Resort, Stung Treng provides good accommodation.

Ou Pong Moan Resort

Ou Pong Moan Resort is the natural and man-made resort which locates at Pong Moan village, Ou Pong Moan Commune, Steung Treng District in nine-Kilometer distance from the provincial town. It is also a leading road toward Rattanakiri from Stung treng.

Phnom Preah Theat

Phnom Preah Theat is located in Thmey Village and Commune, Stung Treng District, about 2 kilometes (5mn) from Provincial Town. It is a Nature Wildlife and Preserves. The Phnom Preah Theat, Stung Treng is one of the natural sanctuaries of Cambodia and happens to be one of the chief tourist attractions in Stung Treng.

 Pream Buorn Lveng Temple

The location of the Pream Buorn Lveng Temple, Stung Treng is amidst the fine environment of the Kang de Sor Village. This is in the Thala Bariwatt District. You can reach this temple very easily from the provincial town. It is not very difficult travel 6 kilometers. You can board a motorbike that will take you to your destination.

Wat Phnom

Wat Phnom, Stung Treng Borrowing the name of the famous land mark temple in Phnom Penh, this one isn?t high enough for a good view of the area, though you can see the mountains along the Lao border to the north. Anew wat is currently under construction on the site. River Scene, from Here to Laos The San River is fronted in Stung Treng by a nice stretch of paved road.

 Thala Barivat Resort

Thala Barivat Resort is located at Thala Barivat district in 4 kilometers distance from the provincial town. This area can be accessible by going across Se Kong river and Mekong river to the provincial road of Preah Vihear.Thala Baricvat is the historical resort in which the Preah Ko temple was built.

 O Svay Eco-Tourism

Borey O Svay is lolated in Borey O Svay commune, Thala Barivath district, and is one of the most popular eco-tourist destinations for both local and foreign tourists wishing to experience an authentic Khmer community. The area features the site of the former king`s stupas and includes a Ramsar (wet-land conservation area) with many dolphins along the river, birds, wild animal.

 Preah Rumkel Eco-Tourism

The picturesque jungle village of Preah Rumkel is the gateway to the Sopheakmith waterfalls, a unique and awe-inspiring feature of the Mekong River in Cambodia. Stretched along the sandy bank of the Mekong, the commune is also a perfect year-round spot for watching the rare Irrawaddy dolphins play undisturbed in their natural habitat. Just 5 km from the Laos border, Preah Rumkel.