Best Destinations for Nature



You’ll never realize pepper (as in the table companion to salt) could taste so good until you toss it atop your fish amok in Kampot — the pepper capital of the world. This quiet town has an awesome array of riverside restaurants and secluded bungalows. While it’s the perfect place to kick back for some small-town Cambodian charm, it’s also an ideal base for trips into Bokor National Park to take in the lost grandeur of the French colonial Bokor Hill Station.

Where to Stay:

Ganesha Riverside Eco Resort (Rates start at $8/night)


Krong Koh Krong

Cambodia’s Wild West has cleaned up its image in recent years, transforming itself from a frontier economy based on prostitution and gambling to a budding ecotourism destination. The region is home to one of Southeast Asia’s most thrilling coastal mountain habitats, and its dense rainforest, rolling hills, winding rivers and cascading waterfalls buzz with exotic animals, beckoning intrepid tourists to wander off the beaten path and into the wild.

Where to Stay:

Oasis Bungalow Resort (Rates start at $25/night)



A hodgepodge of old colonial terraces and traditional Khmer buildings, Kratie stretches lazily along the west bank of the Mekong River and is one of the best spots in the region to enjoy the tangerine Mekong sunset. Most venture to this far-flung corner of Cambodia for a chance to view the rare Irrawaddy dolphins, but the city is becoming a popular stop-over for nature lovers of all ilk. It’s a place to relax, unwind and enjoy rural Cambodia at its finest.

Where to Stay:

Rajabori Villas Resort (Rates start at $60/night)


Tonle Sap

Tonle Sap is at once a floating village, local highway and flood-relief system.  As the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia, this UNESCO Biosphere Reserve dominates the map of Cambodia and plays a vital role in the nation’s ecology. For anyone with temple burnout, a trip along the lakeshore makes for a great escape from the sunbaked ruins of Siem Reap.

Where to Stay:

Pavillon d’Orient Boutique-Hotel in Siem Reap (Rates start at $85/night)